My Mindful Meditation

Jun 18

My Mindful Meditation

Mindful Meditation is something I understand completely at a cognitive level but have a difficult time putting it into practice. My mindful meditation can quickly become, a-mind-full of distractions for me. Knowing this I psyched myself up for a week before attempting it again.

So, I awaken this morning in the proper head space, light a candle, cross my legs, close my eyes and focus on my breathing. My mind settles and everything goes wonderfully for the first few minutes. Just when I think I’m in the zone and all distractions are at bay, a small thought pokes my transcendental shield.

“Is the candle too close to the drapes?”

“Are the fumes toxic?”

“If a fire starts, should I throw on shorts first, or just jump out the window?”

In vain, I try to let it go, but the ripple has become a torrent now, and I must peek to still the chatter. The candle flickers, harmless in the shadows, relieved, I get back to business.

As one deep breath follows another, my mind stills again and I’m almost back to the zone. Astral planing to a far away land, I’m greeted by a shoeless, cheery fellow walking two dogs in a mall. Smiling, we exchange pleasantries, and go on our way. Feeling content, teetering at the precipice of enlightenment…it begins…

“That guy looks a lot like that punk who bullied me in fifth grade.”

“Hey, you can’t be barefoot in the mall”

And my personal favorite, “Did I feed my dogs today?”

Hmmm…appears to be a valid, caring thought, but I have no dogs!

I have lost this battle but not the war. I shall not be discouraged, for tomorrow I will again try to still my demons and succeed at mindful meditation.




  1. Hysterical and sooo true! Well done!

  2. Thanks John. I must admit though I am getting better at it now…

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